about norm

And then I realized that a better world starts with you. Not only by creating an aesthetically more beautiful world, but also by leaving the world a better place.

We are the perfect match if you…

A creative, timeless and personal interior design, made to measure

Want to be completely relieved when realising your dream home

Want to leave the world a better place, for the next generation

From Red Bull to boutique hotel

Norm Studio was founded in 2022 by entrepreneur and interior designer Cathelijne van der Lande:

Involved to the last detail

Norm Studio works with a team of (freelance) specialists and acts as manager of the entire design and realization process. Cathelijne is still responsible for the interior design. She feels like no other what the wishes of her clients are and knows how to translate this flawlessly into a personal interior design. She is involved in the design and realization down to the last detail.

Stories and characters

Norm Studio’s interiors are not easy to catch; it is always a translation of stories and characters of its clients. Interiors can be colorful and contrasting, but also minimalist chic or with classic features. Often a timeless basis is chosen, added with layers of color, different structures, materials and made to measure furniture. Quality is a matter of course.

Realising dreams

NORM Studio realizes dream houses; we design and realize interiors in which we translate the stories and wishes of our clients. Characterful interiors where comfort, customization and quality are essential elements. Sustainability in itself is not the starting point, but a precondition for creating a high-quality, timeless and future-proof home. Together we leave the world a better place.