Interior Design

Realizing a future-proof dream house, with a low footprint

Future proof

A future-proof home without a feeling of guilt: a home that feels good because everything has been chosen with care and attention, products and materials have a story/the origin is known. A sustainable interior is timeless and has been created with a critical eye, fits its residents like a tailor-made jacket that you never tire of. Only quality, products with a low footprint, preferably produced in Europe, and suppliers who act consciously and responsibly have been chosen.


Realizing your dream home is great, but it takes time and requires knowledge. Handing over such a ‘life’s work’ is exciting for both parties. For us, a personal clickwith and the trustof our clients are decisive. In addition, we rely on our experience, expertise and network of sustainably built relationships. We have a good sense of what our client’s needs are and ‘speak the same language’; energetic, decisive, enterprising, solution-oriented and professional.

Meter by meter

Earth Today is on a mission to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate its protection, at scale. Individuals can protect square meters of nature for €1.20 per m². Norm Studio donates for every square meter it designs. As a client, you will receive a unique proof of protection, registered in your name. Together we can protect 50% of the planet by 2050. Meter x meter.